Ready for the weekend?

This weekend the annual Van Road Trails Dual Slalom is due to take place in Caerphilly.  

tafia.co.uk brand ambassador Marti Pearce and a few other boys have been up there the last few days fine tuning the start Gate and new timing equipment, along with some maintenance on the track and a general tidy up.

Tafia UK on Sunday, 15 October 2017

It's set to be another great weekend of head to head racing. All proceeds go direct to Van Road Trails, enabling Caerphilly to have such a great facility for riding on out doorstep. We are proud to continually support the event along with the sport at grass roots level. It's free to watch so if you don't fancy entering, head on up and watch the action.

Sunday 22nd Oct

8-10am- registration/open practice

10-11am- Gate practice

11am- Seeding runs

12.30- Knock out head to heads

3.30- Finals

4.00 Podiums and prize for spectator with best improvised instrument

Burger van/food stall, on site toilets, st John's ambulance, hopefully some trade stands, music and commentator.

Helmets must be worn at all times.

Saturday 21st Oct  


12-5pm- Free ride/practice

5pm- Whip off on semi-pro line (anyone who can hit line can enter no fee) 

6pm- BBQ on pro line and pro line session. 


2pm- Meet at trails to ride local hills , just for fun enduro. 

6pm- Local Weatherspoons for food. 

Introducing Dylan

Haling from the Vale of Glamorgan but now residing the other side of the pond, we introduce to you tafia.co.uk ambassador Dylan Lazyzell. 

Who are you?

Dylan Layzell a 24 year old day dream believer 

Where are you from and where do you live?

From South Wales but living in Canada right now 

Do you have any other sponsors?

Not yet. Anyone keen, hit me up haha 

How did you get in to mountain biking? 

Through my Dad. He rode bikes so naturally I followed suit. I used to race motocross too.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?

Whistler Bike Park

You went to Canada to snowboard. Do you still get involved?

Yeah still getting involved in Snowboarding but no more contests just cruising and having a good time. 

So you was invited to go to Fianle Ligure EWS event. How did that come about?

I won the Amateur category at the EWS in Whistler. I was on the waitlist for Finale as I thought it would be a good opportunity and it all worked out.

How was your first experience of a world series event?

Such a mint experience. It was a big surprise how fast and fit the best in the world are that's for sure. I didn't race how I would of liked too but I've learnt a lot and and take away some good lessons which is always positive 

Are you hoping to enter the event again?

Yeah absolutely the goal is to do full seasons competing on the World Series 

Where do you plan on taking your riding in the next 12 months?

I will be staying and training in Canada mainly but heading to races in different places also. Would like to come back and do some riding in South Wales too. 

Where is your happy place and what takes you there?

Some good flowy single track on my bike. Pedal up to earn your turns.

What’s the worst crash you’ve ever had?

This summer riding a trail called Ride Don't Slide. There is a rock feature with a double drop in it and I came into it blind not knowing what was coming up. Hit it way too fast and gapped the first drop onto the second straight over the bars onto my head 15 or 20 feet from where I started. 

What’s the narrowest escape you’ve had?

There's a lot that come to mind haha but had a really close call racing in Italy last week on a really fast section then into a sketchy rock garden. Ended up riding the front wheel through a rock garden and managed to hang on. The rocks out there are like cheese graters so if I went over the bars it would of been pretty 

What bikes are you riding?

Santacruz Hightower LT 29er. It's a weapon! 

Who’s your favourite rider and why?

Cam Zink. He's a sender and goes so big all the time. Tons of style too. 

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I get inspired by lots of things and people I surround myself with. All my friends that I ride with are definitely a huge part of what inspires me to ride. 

When you’re not riding what do you get up to?

Hanging out with my girlfriend and friends. Drink lots of coffee. Generally stuff outside. 

If you was still living Wales what do you think you’d be doing?

I'd be trying to do the same thing. Riding my bike for sure but I'd be surfing more too. Definitely miss living close to the beach.

Do you plan on coming back?

I will always be back for trips to see friends and family. Come back full time? Not sure but never say never. I love Wales it's such a sick part of the world.

What music you listening to these day?

Mainly rock / metal music. Loving the new Metallica album. But my iTunes is a mixed bag. Big of everything.

What do you watch on the TV?

Mainly Netflix nowadays. Movies more than tv 

Last good bit of good advice someone gave you….

Relax. No one else knows what they're doing either 

Something people don’t know about you…..

I used to race motocross as a kid/young teenager. I was actually born in South Africa…..

How Mark sees it - ATBA-UK '17

So a few days back we brought you Daf Price's report from the ATBA-UK '17. Now we have Mark Hales perspective of what has gone down as an epic event.


The road was looong....with many a winding turn....Well thats pretty much the trip to hereford for you..... We set off in the flagship Jimmy, heading south towards the fair shores of Hereford Board and Bike Park (these nautical terms working for you?). Arriving with my not so savvy crew of 2, we set up camp and took a tour.

I had never been a fan of the old track and freestyle at Court Farm buuuuuut that was before a big track refresh and a whole new jib/freestyle line had been added.. schweet! And you know we Hale's boys like jib!! Well impressed was our Tom, Miss James, Phil and Amy!

The track looked narrow, fast and dusty as hell!.... Whats that i feel?? Oh yes, the familiar butterflies called Fear, Hope and Death have returned to their natural habitat... my bowels!... In typical mountain board fashion, we descended the hill to warm up for the next day.. Star jumps, squats, leg stretches and sit ups were all completely ignored in favour of food, fire, ale and great company. I think it was 4am when i passed out but it was defo 9:30am when i awoke to ATBAUK action man Matt Brind announcing the order of the day. I have competed for 10yrs now, never been up before that buzzer, always next year! 


Racing kicked off with some bangers and i don’t mean a wee christmas chipolata, I’m talking old school beano string of sausages butcher chasing the dog with a cleaver bangers! My Tafia boy Daf entering his first race, you sir are now a man! Daf will agree, freestlye and downhill are all good... but you want a buzz akin to jumping out of a perfectly good plane, you race. 


"Hips were hugged, jumps were jumped, pumps pumped and the corners were deadly! ? Regardless, an amazing day."


The masters and pro categories were seriously competitive! With new faces in both, a big welcome to Graham Wedderburn stepping into the old man shoes and a masters/red dwarf rimmer stlye - We salute you - to Scott Leadbitter for a huge berm exit! So gnarly mate! Racing finished with a 4th for myself....#rerun. Joint first into the first corner but with only one line available, Pete 'nosno legend' Tatham held his line, I did not.. Ah well, one less layer of skin on ma buttcheek to worry about! 

Saturday night was filled with beers, bonfire, jolly stacking big time, confusing lead singers and a wee bit o' ShireFunk. Making for the usual epic mountain board party with Hale's and Trampa leading one another astray again!!  Nicest people in the world this lot x 


Downhill was awesome, 2 tracks, accumulated time. People were flying! First track was crazy fast and off camber, didnt make it down clean once! Second track was quick and rough but way more forgiving. Everyone had a blast! Joshua Hale - my nephew - beat me! I knew i shouldn’t have given him a board... 


Sunday evening, i think was supposed to be a quiet one, great movie screen set up with constant edits streaming buuut this all changed when a small man named Frieda mounted a giant circus ball and was propelled 20ft up and across the park, genius! Video is online and well worth a look! The night then went off, i love mountain boarders. 


3rd day.... Man i was tired! Party, compete, repeat was taking its toll! Fortunately the super fun freestyle gave us all a boost, folks be throwing down some serious tricks! Ben10 trying 1080's the size of a house, James switch rodeos, fellow Chalfordian Emlyn flipping everything, Ash speed flips and Matt Brind again and again going frickin' huge with a pile of steeze on board with too many tricks to name! The masters was a bit more tame but not by much. Harry hitting up big front 3's, Neil throwing big back 3's, Cheb carving up the park and myself trying a load of things i dont remember, bloody loved it! 

I walked away with a few podiums, broken fingers and the 'takes a hiding keeps on riding award' which pretty much describes my weekend well....  All in all a great weekend! Team Hale's taking the national champs for the 6th year running,  just saying. 



Big shout out to Josh Hale - the future. Matt Brind - the present. Roger Swannel - the ghost of xmas past. Lei Leonard - Harry Potters fav teacher. Adam Hale - master of ceremonies. 


Big up all your bad selves! Until next time - Mark Hale   X


The team at tafia.co.uk would like to thank ATBShop.co.uk for their photo contributions.

Be sure to check them out for all your mountainboarding needs! 

New Products

We've brought a few new designs together for our Autumn/Winter '17 range at tafia.co.uk

There's also a few days left to the £5 OFF discount!


Welsh Bodyboard Club Jam 2017

Wales' Bodyboarders congregate for the 2017 Welsh Bodyboard Club Jam.


Last Saturday (16 September 2017) the WBC’s Autumn Jam was held in challenging 2ft clean conditions on Llangennith beach, South Wales. After a chilly 9:30am meet in the car park the competitors made their way to the north end of the beach where 1-2ft wedgey peaks were starting to emerge. The competitors were split into two 30 minute heats, followed by a repercharge and a 5 man final. We started promptly to ensure that the competitors got the best out of the conditions.

Round one saw some tight pocket spins from Keith Usher and some solid rolls from Dave Collett mean that they progressed comfortably into the final 5 man final. In round 2 Mark Griffiths linked up some smooth combos - somehow managing to link 2 spins and a roll on a ½ foot section to finish first in the heat! Not to be outdone, Alex Clark was hot on his heels with a series of linking manoeuvres of his own which saw him finishing in second.

The repercharge round was a quick 10 minute heat allowing the knocked out competitors to have a 2nd throw of the dice. Steve McDonald made the most of the opportunity and confidently landed a roll on a challenging section, meaning he went through to the final.

The final saw Keith Usher, David Collett, Alex Clark, Mark Griffiths and Steve McDonald face off in the weakening 2ft conditions. David Collett set a high standard by launching a large projected roll from a closeout section to impress the judges. Alex Clark and Keith Usher each combined some nifty pocket manoeuvre combos to stay within touching distance. However, the confident riding and combos of Mark Griffiths were a force to be reckoned with and he bust out a couple of solid spin/ roll combos which couldn’t be equalled, giving him first place. In the weakening swell nobody could match his lead with Dave Collett’s impressive roll landing him second place and Keith’s smooth pocket spins meant he just pipped Alex to third.

After the prizes were awarded the contestants retreated to the warmth of the Kings Head pub for some hard earned refreshments! Big thanks to all who made it down and the sponsors who make these events possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for future events on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The WBC Committee


1st Mark (Splinter) Griffiths
2nd Dave Collett
3rd Keith Usher
4th Alex Clark
5th Steve McDonald

Big thanks to Rob Cross for pics.

ATBA-UK '17 - Daf's story

A few weeks been the ATBA-UK held their annual UK Championships at Hereford Board and Bike Park. We were lucky enough to have two of our brand ambassadors there representing us! Here's Daf Price's account of the weekend proceedings. 



It's that time again where I blab on, try to remember how to write and round up all the shenanigans from one of the best UK comps ever!

Well where do I start...

We all arrived in Hereford Board and Bike Park on the Friday. The centre is situated just outside Hereford in the most beautiful surroundings. The park is filled with all sorts, from a gnarly downhill track to a slick running slope style. Everyone was still arriving on the Friday, so many riders were out practising. In typical Trampa style we decided to chill out, set up camp and blast around on one the electric boards. They are so much fun!

Saturday morning the competition started with 'Boarder X'. I woke up pretty hungover from the night before...to much prosecco and had the intentions of just filming the racing as I have never entered a Boarder X race in my life....   things changed...

All of a sudden I found myself, Ed, Sam and Sonni all padding up and heading up the track...what the hell was happening!?!? I had one practise run down the track and it genuinely felt like I was just holding on for my life!

After everyone had a run or two, it was all back up to the top and the de brief started. Shit just got real! Race numbers were called up and the racing had begun. I was bricking it. I think I pee'd about 5 times before I was called up. Then bang, 962, I was up. I've got to say standing in the start gate waiting for the go is the most brutal few minutes ever. "Riders ready. Watch the gate" Boooom!!! Bloody hell that was awesome! I came 2rd in my first race, I was buzzing! 

At first I was just saying to myself hold back and let everyone go in front. Something changed and thought f#ck it! Everyone had 4 or 5 qualifying races then it was onto knock outs.
I ended up stacking it on the last corner in my knock out race and was proper gutted! It made it better by watching Trampa team mates Sam, Ed and Sonni all killing it in the finals! Sick boys!

On Sunday the 'Downhill' event was held. Again the weather was deece and it was time to head up the track. Downhill is a timed run from top to bottom on a single man track. This was insane. The first track consisted of sharp corners and dodging trees. Maybe the track was pretty wild or the fact it was the day after a big night, but everyone seemed to be finding it challenging. A lot less riders had entered the downhill mainly from being so beat up from the Boarder X. Nevertheless again a sick day of riding!

One of my favourite categories 'Freestyle' was held on Monday. This is probably the one event everyone enjoys to watch. One jam session with everyone throwing down the best tricks and lines. It's was another banger of a day and riders were up early getting there tricks dialled. I was having a mental battle with myself all morning and couldn't decide wether to enter or not. I flipped a coin and didn't ride. (What a pussy...Mistakes were made).

The track was running fast and everyone killing it. Matt Brind, James and Ben Wanklyn all going huge! My favourite grom Josh Hale sending big 3s on the last jump. Jess and Bobbi smashing it in the ladies. My tafia boyo Mark making the jib look steezy! My bro Sonni and Adam conacher having a blast in the seniors. It genuine looked so much fun and I was just sat there kicking myself why I wasn't riding.

That's pretty much my summary of the UK Champ'. You've probably noticed I haven't really gone into much of the partying side of the weekend.... I'm just leaving it for the edit. 

JT and Sonni did kiss tho... lol

A few riders which stood out for me over the weekend are...
Ed Richardson for turning up casual as, and walking away with 1st in Boarder X...
Mark Hale for being a Rhyme beater, always riding hard and partying harder...
Jess Brown for entering her first comp and coming away with 2nd!
Jolly Tom for being a top Trampa captain. Even tho you didn't ride much you always had the back pack with the boys sandwiches.

Massive thanks to..
All the crews from around the UK which make this sport happen.
Big up to Tommy D and Hereford board and bike park.
Unsunghero for all the fresh socks!
My Younger bro Ifan for coming up for the sesh.
The ATBAUK and Matt Brind for waking us all up in the morning.


Much love

Section Bodyboarding Charity Event Cancelled

Unfortunately Section Bodyboarding have had to cancel their Charity Event which was due to run this weekend.

Here's the latest from event organiser and Section Bodyboarding founder Ben Howard...

"Regretably, we have had to postpone the Section Bodyboarding Charity fundraiser contest this weekend due to a poor forecast. 20 knot NW winds at 6 second period simply doesn't cut it for a decent contest.
A decision has been made to run the contest in Spring to secure judges, lifeguards and staff for the event. We have also talked to the beach owners in respect of having a holding period so that we have the best chance of putting on a good event.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused but I am sure you can understand why we have come to this decision".

The Welsh Bodyboard Club however have confirmed that their social event will run this weekend, with £1 of each entry in to the jam/comp going towards the Section Bodyboarding Event.

Welsh Bodyboard Jam 2017


Next weekend the Welsh Bodyboard Club will be holding a social event including camping and a jam style competition. As usual, we are pleased to be offering some prizes towards the cause. Head on down and join the action. It's set to be a good weekend! 

The Welsh Bodyboard Club have also just announced that £1 of each entry to the jam will go towards the Section Bodyboarding Charity Competition being held in Cornwall this weekend, which we are also supporting! It's looking like a great weekend for bodyboarders across the UK!


NEW - Efail T's now available!

NEW - Efail T's now available! 

With 2017 being our 5th birthday, we've been working extra hard to bring you new designs to celebrate the occasion, including our all new 'Efail' T-Shirts. One of our favourites from this years range, 'Efail' translates to 'Forge' from Welsh. Inspired by our heritage the 'Efail' design brings Wales' industrial past from the forge to the finery. 

We have caught up with our newest brand ambassador Marti Pearce who's been testing out our latest products. Keep an eye out for an article introducing him to the team coming very soon on tafia.co.uk. Here's a few pictures of Marti pushing our new product through the paces! 

Efail T
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