Welsh Bodyboard Club Jam 2017

Wales' Bodyboarders congregate for the 2017 Welsh Bodyboard Club Jam.


Last Saturday (16 September 2017) the WBC’s Autumn Jam was held in challenging 2ft clean conditions on Llangennith beach, South Wales. After a chilly 9:30am meet in the car park the competitors made their way to the north end of the beach where 1-2ft wedgey peaks were starting to emerge. The competitors were split into two 30 minute heats, followed by a repercharge and a 5 man final. We started promptly to ensure that the competitors got the best out of the conditions.

Round one saw some tight pocket spins from Keith Usher and some solid rolls from Dave Collett mean that they progressed comfortably into the final 5 man final. In round 2 Mark Griffiths linked up some smooth combos - somehow managing to link 2 spins and a roll on a ½ foot section to finish first in the heat! Not to be outdone, Alex Clark was hot on his heels with a series of linking manoeuvres of his own which saw him finishing in second.

The repercharge round was a quick 10 minute heat allowing the knocked out competitors to have a 2nd throw of the dice. Steve McDonald made the most of the opportunity and confidently landed a roll on a challenging section, meaning he went through to the final.

The final saw Keith Usher, David Collett, Alex Clark, Mark Griffiths and Steve McDonald face off in the weakening 2ft conditions. David Collett set a high standard by launching a large projected roll from a closeout section to impress the judges. Alex Clark and Keith Usher each combined some nifty pocket manoeuvre combos to stay within touching distance. However, the confident riding and combos of Mark Griffiths were a force to be reckoned with and he bust out a couple of solid spin/ roll combos which couldn’t be equalled, giving him first place. In the weakening swell nobody could match his lead with Dave Collett’s impressive roll landing him second place and Keith’s smooth pocket spins meant he just pipped Alex to third.

After the prizes were awarded the contestants retreated to the warmth of the Kings Head pub for some hard earned refreshments! Big thanks to all who made it down and the sponsors who make these events possible.

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The WBC Committee


1st Mark (Splinter) Griffiths
2nd Dave Collett
3rd Keith Usher
4th Alex Clark
5th Steve McDonald

Big thanks to Rob Cross for pics.

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