Daf at the Dutch Open


After a few days I've finally recovered from the mad trip to Holland! So sat here now just chilling in my cabin. 3 beers in I decided to try and put down what happened whilst we was away. So as soon as we started it was going wrong...

In traditional Daf style I woke up late and it made everything so stressful. After 2 hours of manic driving down the M4 we picked up jolly Tom from Newport then raced down to Bristol airport. There we met Sam and Joris then only just managing to check in! For the first night we just went out for a few coffees then got an early night.

Next morning started sweet with a proper European breakfast. We then got onto a boat and then a 2 hour train journey. After a few beers we got to Groningen where we met Roger (owner of Gravity Supplies) and headed to the to the centre. A short walk into the woods in the flattest place ever we arrived.

The place is so sweet! Music blasting jumps everywhere and a really fun pump track. As soon as we got there the comp' started, so we quickly smashed a beer then padded up. First event was pump track. Everyone was killing it. Especially all the local riders. As it was more of a pump track than a boarder cross you really had to work hard to get around the track. After a few races, us boys got knocked out, so as you do we got back on the beers!

Tom and Sam were smashing out stunts on the demo ramp. Wil was filming anything and everything and i was just drunk! Then the freestyle started! The roll in is big, the jump is big and the landing is covered is scary rocks! Me Sam and Wil decided to take a seat and watch! No joke some of the sickest stunts I've ever seen. Nicky G, Dessie , Arno and Jolly all going big! Nicky won with some weird flips and spins which I don't even know the names ha!

Hot tub time! The set up was so cool! Banging bar with cheap beers, sweet BBQ and a sick home made hot tub! We drank, smoked and partied ourself out by 11pm! The next day was spent traveling to back down to Amsterdam where we spent the last 2 days. That part seems to be a bit of a blur! All in all, we had the sickest time ever with Trampa team! Thanks to Roger, Nicky, Arno and all the Dutch crew for a sick time!