Daf heads to France

Daf heads to France


Here we are sports fans! After a mad week on the road to France, I'm finally back in little Pembrokeshire sitting in my cabin. Same as the last blog I did, 3 cans down and feeling groovy!

Well where do I start. The past week has been wild. Met loads of riders from all around the world! Drank waaay to much. Didn't sleep enough! It all started on the Thursday. I had one hell of a drive in front of me to meet the boys down in Dover. I decided to stop off in Bristol to see my sister and break up the drive. I then carried on through the night and managed to find jolly and Sam half asleep in a car park. This is where it then starts to go downhill.

Once aboard the ferry. We all decided to have a pint. Forgetting it was 7am.... Once off the ferry we had a 2 hour drive to get to Compienge. Jolly was driving so me and Sam causally started drinking.

We finally made it! It was about 11 am and we stumble up to the team GB camp feeling slightly pissed! We then found out that we had missed the qualifiers as it was on the Thursday so we couldn't ride! That only meant one thing! SESH!

The weather was amazing even tho we all complained it was too hot! The park was pretty crazy. So much compacted into one area. The freestyle jumps are beyond massive! The boarder cross track is different. The start and the finish is similar to most but has a long straight section which can be quite challenging.

We pretty much just spent the day eating food. Meeting people. Selling Trampa parts and sinking cans! If I remember correctly me Sam and Tom were fast asleep by about 10pm. The next morning we felt great! We went to the shops. Got some food and of course, more beer!

Back to the park and it was boarder cross and freestyle time. Everyone was racing pretty well but the track being so different to most made things interesting. All the UK riders were on form and it was great to watch. Big respect for Matt and Leon for both taking 1st!!!

After some chill time and food it was time for the freestyle. It looked so sweet as they had it all lit up and waited for the sun to go down. I can't quiet remember the results on this but I know Matt came first again. It was now party time and in all honesty, I can't quite remember or tell you the rest! It was just wild. I just remember waking up on one of the freestyle jumps whilst I had locked Sam in the car....

I just want to say a massive thank you to Ted @ Trampa Boards for getting us there. Big thank you to Sam and Tom. Let's just work on the logistics next time! Over all it was truly a magical weekend. It's made me really want to enter next year knowing what it's like. It was sweet to meet so many people who ride from all over the world. The Mountainboard world is epic!


We planned on making a vlog about the whole weekend. We filmed loads. Sadly our camera was stolen but in some ways maybe the footage was never to be seen!

Until next time. Mistakes Were Made. Things Need To Change