Van Road Dual Slalom 2016

Last weekend we sponsored our first Mountain Bike event, the Van Road Trails Dual Slalom 2016. Although the weather didn’t play ball, the event got the green light as riders from across the UK gathered to go head-to-head racing for pride and prizes. We caught up with one of the event organisers, Marty Pearce, to get the run-down of the days proceedings.

“In hope of having an event in the sun this year we scheduled the event for August. Unfortunately the God’s weren’t playing ball, but our dual slalom course has great drainage, we decided to go ahead as people had traveled a very long way. We had people make the journey from Cornwall, Gloucester and other places across the border to attend. With the weather putting a few entrants off, we run five categories.

As we pulled away from British Cycling on this event we were able to offer racing to kids under 10 years old it and proved very popular, as that was the class with the highest entries. it was great to see the youngsters out enjoying themselves. There was also Elite and Masters categories with a mixed Ladies /Senior/Youth class and Junior class. All of our trophies were made from local cut down trees, so all guys on the podium really did take a piece of Van Road Trails home with them!

Despite the weather it was a great day enjoyed by all. The best part for me was seeing all the youngsters taking part. It’s one thing having this great facility here, but for the youngsters to use it in a safe and constructive manner is another thing. They were all absolutely frothing for the event, and they all did extremely well. This a key part of our 4X/BMX club that we run every Wednesday evening through the summer months. The trails are free to use all year round, we just ask people to keep the trails tidy and respect them."


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