On the 8th and 9th June the #RIDEFORHAYDN fundraiser went ahead in Caerphilly. Riders from wide and far congregated at Van Road Trails to raise money for team rider Ashley Atwood’s father who’s stuck in hospital out in Spain following a serious accident.

Whilst out in Malaga, Ashley contacted us here at tafia.co.uk asking if it would be possible to design and sell some T-Shirts to try and raise a bit of money to help get his dad home. Of course we couldn’t say no and so the sale of the T-Shirts began. It was off the back of those T-Shirts the event was born as it came apparent what could have been a few hundred quid could become lot more.


The T-Shirts alone raised over £250, an awesome effort in it’s own right, but that didn’t even touch the sides! Off the back of the weekends events everyone involved managed to raise over £1200!!! And the best thing is, had one hell of a time doing so!

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the fundraising (There’s far to many to name) not only on behalf of ourselves but Ashley and his family too.

Check out the official video and photos from the event courtesy of the very talented Luke Chard Media.