Introducing Marti Pearce

He's been reppin' our clothing for quite a while now, and his introduction is long overdue. We are pleased to acquaint you with our latest brand ambassador, Marti Pearce!

Age: 24 (+10)    Home town: Caerphilly , Wales

Sponsors:, Resurrection Cycles, Corsair bikes UK, Atomlab Components, RST Suspension, THE helmets.

So, you have been riding mountain bikes for quite a long time. Tell us about how you got started?

I'm from a motocross family so been track side since I can remember and racing properly from 5. When we got older I faded out of MX and into this new thing called mountain biking - lol! One day I got me a £250 French supermarket bike called "Top Bike" and off I popped, that was 22 Years ago. 

At what age did you start racing? What type of races were you competing in?

I first raced in 1986 in the British Motocross 50cc aged 4. There wasn't always auto class that year so was just bits and pieces, but I was at the race track watching my brother Lee and Tracey my sister a week or 2 after I was born! I remember being in the hot dog van with my mum, we had to run it to pay for Lee's racing. I entered the MX events for a few years, ending in 1992. I then got into mountain bike and from 1994-1999 raced the Welsh Downhill & X-Country events. From 2009-2011 I entered a few British BMX Racing events in the +19 category. From 2011-2014 I had another bash on my crosser, entering the Regional Motocross MX2. 2014 onwards I've been riding my mountain bike. 

So we’re guessing your family are pretty supportive then?

For a start, Mum is awesome! She took me to my first MTB races as a kid and stood there in the rain cheering me on! I pretty much always finished well, beating many sponsored and much older riders when we went. We did this on my "Top Bike”. People hated us lol, but we came away smugly smiling. Amy my partner is awesome too! She deals with the crazy dog we have when we're at races and 100% supports me. She rarely misses a race and has encouraged my 4x since we went to our first race a few years ago.

What are some of the biggest highlights of your career?

Every time I ride is a highlight to me man. I just can’t get enough of it! Racing some of the 4x Pro Tour was pretty cool though. 

When you’ve got a big gap in your race schedule, what do you do with your time?

I tend to do a lot of healing - lol. I like to go to the cinema, walk or ride with the dog. I also like going to sport & music festivals.  I spend a lot of my spare time doing maintenance at my local trails on Van Road in Caerphilly. I also help run the club night there, helping run gate practices and events at the trails too. When the Welsh weather gets me down, I like to head to Ramp World Skate Park in Cardiff .

So what made you transition over to 4x?

The people I think. They lack the bad attitude some riders from other disciplines have, which can make you feel uncomfortable at races. It's great fun and what a rush when the gate drops!

What events and series do you plan on competing in next year? 

I’ll be entering the 4x Pro Tour and hopefully get out to one of the Crankworks in Europe. The Malvern classics is back so I’m defo up for that and what ever else I can get an invite for! There’s a possibility I’ll get me a bouncy bike through winter so maybe get some Downhill in too!

What goals have you set at this point in your career, and how will you make them?

That’s not how I roll man,! I’ll work hard and take what I can get.....the sky's the limit!

4x tracks are generally extremely demanding, how do you train for these type of events?

I do a bit of strength and fitness when I'm not carrying an injury, and I hit the dual slalom course. I also have stints of going over the pro line dirt jumps clipped in. The pro line and duals start at same place so I do sprints on the up ride too. Nothing can prep you for the other riders, sometimes it's carnage out there!


What is the toughest race you entered this year? How did it go?

Easily the Fort William 4x Pro Tour. It was 3 weeks after having clavical plating - not my finest idea! Still, I qualified for knock out racing ahead of a good 7-8 riders but made mistakes in my race and I was eliminated. 

Which rider, past or present, inspires you the most and why?

Brandon Semenuk…… There are no limits to what he is willing to try and mix up a little. He can ride all disciplines and in my eyes is a proper rider! His style’s silky smooth and a down to earth guy.

Describe your idea of "the perfect trail”.

Don't think there really is one. MTB is all about exploring your limits so you chase the perfect trail, but it doesn't really exist. So you keep riding and riding and looking for that new trail, that new rush, that new trick.

Are there any other sports or hobbies that you enjoy?

I'm a big snowboarder. I love hitting the slopes for a holiday or just heading to the Snowdome. I also have a blast on the dry slopes and I’m the first one up the local hills in winter if I'm lucky enough!

One thing that most people don't know about you?

Clowns …… I’m scared of clowns! (but that's just about it)

Last good bit of advice someone told you?

“Try to stay out of hospital” - everyone