Inspired by the spirit and passion of Wales, Tafia’s products are a fusion of culture, sport & pride. Our rugged landscape and coastline our playground to pursue our interests and dreams giving the opportunity to excel in what we love. 

We are proud of the continual support we give to grass root sports and organisations here in Wales and helping give credit when it’s due. We are not driven by profit, we invest in the future. Through sponsoring sports here at grass roots level we are laying down the foundations of something great. 

Our brand is your brand. An opportunity to step to the mark and be seen. An opportunity to be proud of where you are from, without having to fly the dragon. 

All of our garments are sourced responsibly and are audited by the Fair Labour Association, the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production objective and are tested for harmful substances from environmentally friendly production. They are then designed and finished here in Wales. Our products are made ethically.